100 Signers: About the Project, an Explanation

"A relatively unknown signer of a somewhat obscure document does not make one terribly notable."                                                                                                     

gatekeeper WikiDan61, upon rejecting the creation of a Wikipedia page for a signer of the Declaration of Sentiments.

Just because they aren't notable doesn't mean they didn't live important lives.

The 100 Signers Project is an undertaking designed to create a readily accessible, open resource that consists of short biographies for the 68 women and 32 men who signed their name to the Declaration of Rights and Sentiments at the 1848 Seneca Falls Convention.

To the best of my knowledge, no anthology (comprehensive or otherwise) of these individuals exists.  Judith Wellman's 2004 book The Road to Seneca Falls attempts to redress this absence, but valuable work still remains to be done.

For this project, I will utilize both contemporary scholarship and any archival materials that I can uncover.  I think any new information about the signers will do much to create new insight into their lives and into this crucial chapter of American history.   Who were the signers?  Why did they attend the Seneca Falls Convention?

I hope this project might capture how the 100 signers of the Declaration, when viewed together, represent a hyperconnected and often overlapping network of proto-Suffragists, Abolitionists, Spiritualists, and Hicksite Quakers, hailing from the "burned-over district" of New York and beyond.  A good number of the names present on the Declaration need no introduction, like Elizabeth Cady Stanton or Frederick Douglass.  Yet many of the names on the roll have been lost to history.  Who were these people?  Did they live otherwise unremarkable lives?  Perhaps they were merely bystanders – normal, everyday individuals who happened to be present for the signing of one of the most important documents of American history.  Or not...

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March 2020 - Henry W. Seymour

February 2020 - Henry Seymour

December 2019 - Malvina Seymour

August 2019 - Cynthia Fuller

July 2019 - Phebe King

June 2019 - E.W. Capron

February 2019 - P.A. Culvert

December 2018 - Betsy Tewksbury

September 2018 - Robert Smallbridge/Robert Smalldridge

July 2018 - Mary S. Mirror/Mary L. Minor

June 2018 - Sophronia Mack Taylor

December 2017 - Experience Porter Gibbs

June 2017 - Azaliah Schooley